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10 Reasons Why a Vacation Rental in Tel Aviv is Just What You Need

In this article, we will take a closer look at 10 reasons why a vacation rental in Tel Aviv is just what you need.

You’re planning a holiday in a world where you can literally go anywhere at any time; providing resources allow, the sky is the limit, until Richard Branson has his way and space tourism becomes a thing and when it does you better believe Sea N’ Rent will be there – Space N’ Rent, COMING SOON!

While the future of tourism is hotly anticipated, we now bring things back down to earth and take a look at what is right at your feet, and while we want you to explore all your options worldwide, we would love it if you took a moment to understand just why a vacation rental in Tel Aviv is just what you need.

The vacation rental is just the beginning of your stay in Tel Aviv, but it’s a vital part of ensuring you enjoy your holiday.

What makes your vacation rental so important?

  • Quality space means quality rest and relaxation
  • A good location makes your life so much more convenient
  • Hotels are great, but having a home away from home is priceless

Wherever in the world you stay, and even if you don’t want to read the rest of this article, take this one piece of advice; if you’re ever going to break the budget, do so with your vacation rental. An investment in a good night’s sleep can be the difference between having a great holiday and a terrible holiday. If you’re on a budget, cut corners everywhere else, but never on accommodation. Remember, an investment in your accommodation is an investment in yourself. Invest wisely, push the budget and get the best you can afford. Feeling like royalty makes good things happen.

It’s an investment in your happiness; honestly, can you put a price on that? Everybody wants a good deal; make a good deal with yourself and give yourself the best.

Vacation Rental Tel Aviv

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When it comes to vacation rentals in Tel Aviv, at Sea N’ Rent we’ve got you covered, and I don’t want you to take our word for it; check us out at Sea N’ Rent and see our full range of incredible vacation rentals in Tel Aviv.

So, if you’re still reading, you must have already checked out what’s on offer and you know you’ll get a high standard, but that’s only the beginning; you’re not going to spend your entire stay in your vacation rental in Tel Aviv.

Below we’re going to look at what you can do from your vacation rental in Tel Aviv once you get here; we’ll cover everything from trends in Tel Aviv to trips away from Tel Aviv and everything in between. By the end of this article, you’ll be booking your stay in Tel Aviv and hopefully with us as we’d love to see you, especially if this article helped you decide.

Vacation Rental in Tel Aviv is Just What You Need

1. Tel Aviv Has Been Voted One of the Top Cities in the World

Tel Aviv Is in Top Three Cities in the World, Says Lonely Planet” – Haaretz. In 2010, Tel Aviv was listed third by the world-renowned travel website “Lonely Planet”. Taking first place was New York and taking second place was the Moroccan city of Tangier. Coincidently enough, many people in Tel Aviv are of Moroccan descent, so it must be in the blood of the Israeli people to create awesome places. Also, let’s not ignore the Israeli, and overall, Jewish ties to the great city of New York, where you really don’t have to walk far before you bump into someone who is somehow connected to Israel or is a regular visitor. So there you have it; Israel is connected to all three of the top three cities in the world.

Rothschild boulevard in Tel Aviv, contributing to Tel Aviv being a great city.Photo from the Sea N' Rent Archive.

Rothschild boulevard in Tel Aviv, contributing to Tel Aviv being a great city.Photo from the Sea N’ Rent Archive.

2. Visit the Dead Sea Before it’s Officially Dead

The Dead Sea is a mind-blowing experience, it’s surreal and dreamlike. It’s water you can’t sink in; I think for many it will be the closest you will get to experiencing outer space unless Richard Branson gets a move on with his space-tourism gig.

From Tel Aviv, you have plenty of options to get you to the Dead Sea, which is, of course, outside Tel Aviv.

The Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, is disappearing at a rapid rate; “We think that the current situation is an ecological disaster,” said Gidon Bromberg, director of EcoPeace Middle East (EPME), an organization that brings together Israeli, Jordanian, and Palestinian environmentalists to protect their shared environmental heritage. – Aljazeera

This is a real problem; Israel can lose one if its greatest treasures and one of the world’s most unique natural features. Why this is happening is an article in itself, but as a tourist I ask you not to support the purchase of Dead Sea products but to make it your business to visit this wonderful place, take pictures, float, leave, and be grateful, for you have just experienced one of the world’s greatest features; something your kids or grandkids may never get to experience.

The Dead Sea #trip #travel #israel Image: momo via Flickr, CC 2.0

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3. If You’re Ever Going to Eat Hummus, This is The Place

On a lighter note, hummus is awesome and it’s served all over the world, with the main difference being how people eat it. Where I’m from in Ireland, we eat hummus, but we but a little bit on a cracker and spread it like cheese spread; we eat a few crackers and that is how we eat hummus.

Vacation Rental in Tel AvivIn Tel Aviv, this means you’re an amateur; in Tel Aviv, they don’t waste time with spreading hummus on a cracker, no – they get a plate and make an entire meal based on this heavenly food, which is mopped up with two pitas; not one – two – always two, never three, just two; do not deviate from the two pita rule. The hummus is often served with a topping of your choice; some delectable pickled vegetables and if you want to spice things up, a spicy paste is usually available, all of which is washed down by either a glass of lemonade or an ice-cold beer.

Eating hummus is a typical pastime for people up and down the length of Israel and in Tel Aviv it is a Friday afternoon pastime for many of the locals. With its popularity and place in the Israeli culture, you can be sure the Israelis have mastered the art of creating the best hummus in the world.

4. Café Culture

Many tourists like to drink alcohol, especially when on vacation as it’s a chance to be more carefree, to lower your inhibitions and to let loose; alcohol is often the perfect enabler to do so. But we can’t drink alcohol all the time and if you do, it can have ill effects, so we often turn to coffee to substitute for the stimulant of alcohol during the day.

While Tel Aviv has got a great nightlife, it is known for its café culture more so than its drinking (alcohol) culture.

You will never be stuck for a cup of coffee while you stay in Tel Aviv and honestly they have the best coffee in the world. Now I promised myself I wouldn’t plug any business in this article, but I have to; it is my duty as a coffee drinker. There is a café called The Streets on the corner of King George Street and Hananivim Street in Tel Aviv, they do the best soy latte I have ever tasted in my life and they are the most consistent makers of quality coffee I know; I have literally never had a bad cup of coffee there. I don’t know what they do, maybe it’s the bean, maybe it’s the soy milk, maybe it’s the machine; whatever they do, it just works and this particular café is always full of people, day or night. It’s also a great place to set up your laptop and work as they have a lovely loft area away from the hustle and bustle of the cash register and incoming coffee-driven traffic.

Vacation Rental in Tel Aviv

Cafe on a boulevard in Tel Aviv. Photo from the Sea N’ Rent Archive.

5. Tel Aviv is Not a Huge City; You’re Close to Everything

Location is everything when you choose a vacation rental in Tel Aviv. Living in a palace is no good if you have to spend hours travelling to get anywhere you want to go.

Tel Aviv has a big name but a small area, it has everything you could want and if you’re based in the right vacation rental in Tel Aviv, you’ll pretty much be within walking distance of all of your primary needs, including if that need is to travel beyond the invisible borders of Tel Aviv.

Once you are in Tel Aviv, you are in the zone; you are connected to everything you could want. You can access every major travel route, every store, site and service you could want.

Location is important, especially for the first-time visitors to Tel Aviv who don’t know the place that well.

6. Soothe Your Senses With The Sun, Sea, and Sand

Speaking of location, if you stay in a vacation rental in Tel Aviv, you’re going to be close to the beach and if you want to make the beach a significant part of your travels, you can easily find a vacation rental in Tel Aviv that’s within a two-minute walking distance.

So wake up every morning, go barefooted, walk along the shore, meditate, listen to the waves, smell the sea air, and embrace the warm sunshine on your skin. This is bliss; this is Tel Aviv.

Vacation Rental in Tel Aviv

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7. Find Out What All The Fuss is About

There’s no doubt about it; Tel Aviv has left a big impression on the world. We’re in and out of the media on a regular basis and unfortunately often for negative reasons and let’s be honest, according to the media, negative news gets more ratings than positive news, so you’re most likely going to hear something bad. Much like how we discussed in our article “The Truth About Tel Aviv”; how people in Australia think Ireland is full of bombs because that is all one hears about on the news.

Don’t you think you deserve a chance to know for yourself what Tel Aviv is all about before you judge it based on views and opinions from the media, who are paid to not only deliver but also to convince you of bad news?

Maybe you think Tel Aviv sucks, maybe you think Tel Aviv is awesome, I don’t care, what I care about is that you find out for yourself; however I have a funny feeling that once you visit Tel Aviv, you’ll agree that it is awesome, which would make sense as Tel Aviv is a top tourist destination that keeps people coming back year after year; they can’t all be wrong.

8. The Holy City is One Hour Away

There are two places in Israel; Tel Aviv and the rest of Israel, much like where I’m from in Ireland; we also have two places, Dublin and the rest of Ireland. This is an incredibly arrogant but also funny way to look at these places.

In that place called “The Rest of Israel”, we have a gem called Jerusalem; you may have heard of it.
Whether you are religiously-minded or not, this is a sacred land that is embedded with culture, history, and exploration. People come from all over the world to visit Jerusalem. And as we explored in our article “The Best Ways to Get to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv”, getting there from your vacation rental in Tel Aviv is easy and it can also be adventurous. Don’t miss out; this is another place that is worthy of your bucket list.

Western Wall in Jerusalem. By Marek69 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Western Wall in Jerusalem. By Marek69 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

9. Get Free Stuff

Ok, plug alert. Sea N’ Rent is one of the few vacation rental businesses in Tel Aviv that actually had the initiative to create its own blog and that is why you are reading this article.

Why did we do it? Well, business is more than just numbers; business is people and good business is serving people’s needs. This is why at Sea N’ Rent we understand the value of added value, so we pack our articles full of useful content, to enable you to have the best experience when you come to Tel Aviv.

And it doesn’t stop here; we also pack our apartments full of added value, we give you stuff for free, because we’re thankful you chose us; we believe in saying and showing gratitude.

When you choose a vacation rental in Tel Aviv with us, you will automatically get our welcome gift package upon your arrival as well as having access to our digital concierge via a unique tablet device placed in each apartment. And we don’t even stop there; we also offer you a free downloadable guide “55 Things to do in Tel Aviv” that will help you explore this awesome place to the fullest; you won’t get that at the Hilton.

10. Visit a Unique Country

If you don’t already know, Israel is one of the most culturally unique destinations in the world, and when you stay in your vacation rental in Tel Aviv, you get to experience it first-hand.

Israel is the only Jewish state in the world and it is the only democracy in the Middle East; we also have the highest rate of startups in the world, giving us the nickname Startup Nation.

If the world was a biological-cultural cell, Tel Aviv would be the equivalent of the cell nucleus; you won’t find a more connected place on the planet. Tel Aviv, which is often referred to as the financial capital of Israel, has influenced your life, whether you know it or not. This is a country of innovators and pioneers that have had a global influence on advances in technology and medicine.

Aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to see for yourself the land that hosts a nation of global influencers?

Vacation Rental in Tel Aviv

As you can from the list, staying in a vacation rental in Tel Aviv is going to set you up for luxury, convenience, and exploration, all leading to an awesome holiday.

Consider all your options when planning your next trip but don’t just look at what is on offer; you’re not buying a kettle, you’re investing in an experience – ask yourself; what kind of experience do you want from your next globetrotting trip?

Often what people want is what we all want; a feeling – a sense of fulfilment, satisfaction, and increased sense of wellbeing – let your choices be guided by what really matters. Choose experiences, not things.

What kind of experience do you want?

Article by Scott D. Renwick

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